How is SCA different from other firms?

Highly experienced engagement teams - Each SCA professional focuses on mergers and acquisitions.  Unlike the Big Four and other large accounting diligence firms, we do not deploy teams of junior people.  You will have a consistent team comprised of highly experienced professionals.  We hit the ground running and perform our services efficiently and effectively.  Client relationships with target company management teams are respected, and in many cases, strengthened.

Robust data-mining capabilities - With our expertise and specialized software, we often provide analyses of and insight into the target company that are unavailable to those who rely on existing accounting and financial reporting systems.  We can typically overcome the limitations imposed by inadequate report writing capabilities, disparate and non-integrated systems, and accounting system changeovers and conversions.

Lower risks and indirect costs - The most significant costs faced by buyers are often the implicit and indirect costs of hiring the wrong advisers.  By utilizing seasoned SCA professionals, buyers increase their probability of identifying critical issues, identifying deal-breaker issues in a timely fashion, preserving productive working relationships with target management, and avoiding unnecessary delays in the due diligence timetable.

Attractive fees - Without the overhead cost structure of a large firm and by using only experienced professionals, we typically provide significant fee savings compared to the Big Four and other large accounting diligence firms.

Loyal clients - We have loyal clients who think of us as partners.  We return the loyalty and continuously strive to earn and maintain our clients’ confidence and respect.